Keeping track of  the  many  dates, times and obligations in a real estate transaction can be challenging. I will keep track of all these items for you so we get to a smooth closing.

Use this Quick Guide. 
Remember, days = calendar days, unless otherwise specified.
DAA = days after acceptance.
DBC = days before close of escrow.

3 DAA 
-Buyer prequalification, pre-approval or fully underwritten pre-approval.
-Buyer proof of down payment.
-Buyer deposit to escrow (3 business days after Acceptance).
-Buyer or seller evidence to act in representative capacity.
-Seller request and pay fees to HOA for common interest disclosures.

7 DAA 
-Seller disclosures and reports to buyer, including TDS and SPQ.
-Seller notice if property located in common interest development or in HOA.
-Delivery of preliminary report.
-Seller disclosure if any items transferred are leased.
-Seller delivery of affidavit of non-foreign status (FIRPTA form) or notice that
substitute form (form QS) to come from title or escrow.

17 DAA 
-Buyer removal of appraisal, disclosures, inspection and title contingencies.
-Buyer to return signed statutory disclosures.
-Buyer removal of loan contingencies.

15 DAA 
-Earliest time that seller may give buyer a notice to perform for failure to remove
contingency for 17-day items.

5 DBC 
-Seller to complete repairs.
-Buyer to conduct final verification of condition (within 5 DBC).
-Seller to remove tenants not authorized to stay after close of escrow.

3 DBC 
-Earliest time that seller or buyer may give the other a demand to close escrow.

Pre- contract Acceptance -Locate a REALTOR

-Sign a Buyer Representation Agreement Optional Activities: 

-Contact a lender/ loan broker for Pre- qualification or Pre- approval 

-Identify source of down payment & closing costs. 
-Locate a REALTOR

-Sign a Listing Agreement   
Optional Activities: 

-Order Preliminary Report, 
Disclosure Reports 

-Complete TDS, lead & other disclosures 

-Get Termite Inspection 

-Get house pre- inspection Review entire contract & all addenda, sign offer, any counter offers                
Acceptance:  Review entire contract & all addenda, sign offer, any counter offers   Review entire contract & all addenda, sign offer, any counter offers  
After Acceptance:        
ASAP  -Order seller paid reports or inspections

-Order preliminary report (if not done at time of listing or if Title company changes) 

-Complete statement of information 
3 Business Days  Buyer or broker gives deposit to Escrow  -If applicable, order HOA disclosures & deliver to buyer as soon as possible after receipt. 

-If not, seller can give  notice to perform
7 Calendar Days  -If applicable, disclose if condo or planned development-Deliver seller disclosures, reports & inspections to buyer (ex: TDS, NHD, Preliminary report, Seller paid pest reports, etc.-Seller delivers complete tax withholding to buyer or escrow holder or title company-Seller delivers completed Statement of information to escrow holder
7- 17 Calendar days  -Conduct inspections, review reports, disclosures, request repairs, etc.  -Make property available for buyer inspections
17 Calendar days (or 5 days after receipt, whichever occurs last)  -In writing, remove contingencies or cancel

  -Return signed disclosures 

-If FHA or VA financing, deliver FVA form 
-If buyer does not, seller can give notice to perfom
5 Calendar days before close of escrow Verify condition of property -If applicable, tenant occupied property to be vacant

-If applicable, seller repairs to have been completed
Close of Escrow Pay purchase price

-If  loan contingency still active and loan not funded, give notice of cancellation or negotiate for more time 

-If loan contingency already removed, and loan not funded, breach contract or negotiate for more time 

-If seller cannot perform, give a demand to close escrow 

-If seller cannot perform, negotiate to give seller more time        
-Deliver deed

-If buyer cannot perform, give a demand to close escrow

Notice to Seller to perform - no time specified. 
If seller cannot perform, buyer has the right to cancel. 
Notice to Buyer to perform - 2 calendar days.
Demand to close escrow - defaults to 3 calendar days. 
Days means calendar days unless otherwise specified.
Days end at 11:59 pm.
If the last day for any act falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Legal holiday it is not counted. 
Instead the act maybe performed on the next calendar day. If a Saturday, Sunday or Legal holiday falls on the first day or any day other than the last day, the Saturday, Sunday or Legal holiday is counted.
First day means full calendar day.
Partial calendar day is 0. 
First full calendar day is 1, etc.